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Latex femdom here!

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Annie is pulled into an extreme hogtie. In a dog cage. Then, with wrist and ankle cuffs still in place, she is rolled onto her knees and removes her mini-skirt and panties. Annie directs her onto her tummy and fucks her with a wad of cloth and wraps her head and feet in stocks. What dirty girls deserve. Watching her every move. This leaves her ass a nice pink.

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Then he ties her feet. We rig a vibrator to make her scream and cum. He switches off, ass to pussy, pussy to ass. Heather and Gabrielle dress up in leopard print lingerie. Darling can only look on as Heather fixes tens pads to her thighs and ankles are tied to opposing boards of the bed. Heather is tied up in black latex and stockings.

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Female Torture Bondage Here

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After that, we watch her writhe from her suspension point and moan her way to the studios, and not a minute too soon. The vibrator in her pussy. We tie rope to each limb. Jenna's naughty maid Lesly has not been paying attention in class.

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Older woman in bondage update 2

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She has a huge and mind blowing orgasm! I bind and gag one of their own. She asked to be tied to our reclining bench. The feeling that Sydney might have something to say as we pull three orgasms from Tori's helpless body.

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Her flogger glides across her submissives skin and she speaks softly, as if to lull him under her spell. She also believes men have but one purpose and that is to lick and lick and lick her pussy some more. Tungboy is trained in the art of cunnilingus. When completed he is rewarded with a nice slow anal fucking before being put away for the evening.

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Last time Kylie crashed. We overloaded her with helplessness and a brutal ass fucking. This time we spread out her sexy body and abuse it. We overwhelm her pussy and clit with pain and pleasure. We pinch and clip her huge nipples. It is fun to take pornstars out of their element and sink them into our world.

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Claire Adams - bondage naked photography

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Whenever Claire Adams and Sister Dee get together it is the perfect time for some pay back. This time SD owes Claire a ton of punishment. There is very little that is more satisfying than watching Claire suffer. She screams so loudly and, even better, she breaks down into tears. There is only so much pain a slut can take before she breaks.

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Sister Dee has been holding on to Dia Zerva for days and has finally seen fit to feed the little slut. Fresh bread and water is the normal meal for someone in her position, but today SD has an even better idea; a cold bowl of cereal. The ass-milk breakfast was not the torment, it was just a prelude. Blind, begging and bound, Dia has a full day of pain and suffering ahead of her.

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Exclusive Claire Adams bondage video scene

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There is more than one way to bind a bitch. They also leave things like feet, tits and stomachs open for caning, flogging or whatever other requests are called out from the pervert pit. And if all you want for the holidays is to watch PD and SD slap her around with an elephant trunk while she thanks them for the attention then they have a present for you.

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