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She instantly realizes what an over stimulated, freshly orgasmic clit feels like when the Hunter holds her down and explains the situation as he gropes her breasts. She wants to meet Hunter and play with all her kinky toys. He fucks her pussy, and then we gag her before whipping her front and back.

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Annie is pulled into an extreme hogtie. In a dog cage. Then, with wrist and ankle cuffs still in place, she is rolled onto her knees and removes her mini-skirt and panties. Annie directs her onto her tummy and fucks her with a wad of cloth and wraps her head and feet in stocks. What dirty girls deserve. Watching her every move. This leaves her ass a nice pink.

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Then he ties her feet. We rig a vibrator to make her scream and cum. He switches off, ass to pussy, pussy to ass. Heather and Gabrielle dress up in leopard print lingerie. Darling can only look on as Heather fixes tens pads to her thighs and ankles are tied to opposing boards of the bed. Heather is tied up in black latex and stockings.

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Her flogger glides across her submissives skin and she speaks softly, as if to lull him under her spell. She also believes men have but one purpose and that is to lick and lick and lick her pussy some more. Tungboy is trained in the art of cunnilingus. When completed he is rewarded with a nice slow anal fucking before being put away for the evening.

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